EmojiWorks Creates the World’s First Emoji Keyboard

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EmojiWorks Creates the World’s First Emoji Keyboard

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We are all aware how important emoticons are nowadays. Nobody wants to type ‘okay’ anymore, just a thumbs up emoticon will do. The process is supposed to save time, but we still have to press an extra key to open our emoji options. These troubles will however soon be in the past, because EmojiWorks has debuted its first hardware based emoji keyboard. So now, with the help of a built-in shortcut, you can immediately just type in your preferred emoji.

Emoji keyboard

Design wise it looks like an Apple keyboard with emoji symbols and each key has an emoji along with a character. Just like the shift key we use in order to type in a letter in capitals, there is an additional ’emoji’ button which you need to press in order to insert the specific emoji.

Emoji Button

EmojiWorks has been very careful so as to include all your favourite emoji, including the poop emoji. They also claim that the emoji keyboard is up to 10 times faster than a standard keyboard and is Bluetooth enabled; this feature in turn makes it compatible with Mac and iOS devices. The only con that comes with this keyboard is that it cannot be customized as it comes pre-printed with emoji on the keys along with pre-programmed emoji shortcuts. Here is a short video:

Speaking of its availability, the emoji keyboards come in three different models: the Emoji Keyboard at $79.95 (approx Rs.5,175), the Emoji Keyboard Plus at $89.95 (Rs.5,830), and the Emoji Keyboard Pro at $99.95 (Rs.6,485). The difference between these keyboards is that the number of emoji shortcuts differ, so basically, the cheapest one will have one emoji per key, the emoji plus will have a total of 94 emoji and the emoji plus will have more than 120 emoji, with three shortcuts per key.

Emoji Keyboards

Click here for your pre-order and more information.

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