‘Notify’ -Facebook’s Standalone News-Only App to Launch Next Week

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‘Notify’ -Facebook’s Standalone News-Only App to Launch Next Week

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Following its announcement of serving over a billion users, Facebook is once again in news -this time for a standalone app for delivering news to readers. According to reports, the app is called Notify and it will put together news from different sources which include The Washington Post, Comedy Central and Vogue, among others. Facebook-app

Rumours of Facebook working on a news-only app has been milling since August. This app aims to standout from others in the league by giving alerts to the reader as and when the story they are following develops. The reader would not have to visit specific stories or categories again to view the updates and changes.

Notify is expected to follow in the footsteps of Apple’s pre-installed News app for iOS 9 which boasts of over 40 million users now since its launch in mid-September. Let’s see how users take to this newest update by Facebook. Do you think it will simply add to the fray of many other similar news-related apps or will it be a change as refreshing and useful as reports are making it sound to be? We’ll keep you updated as and when we get more on this.

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