Xiaomi Releases the Mi Band Plus and Mi Power Bank

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Xiaomi Releases the Mi Band Plus and Mi Power Bank

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Xiaomi has released two new devices in China, one of them is a fitness band called the Mi Band Plus (or Mi Band 1S) and the second one is the Mi Power bank.

Mi Band Plus Or Mi Band 1s

What’s different about Xiaomi’s new fitness tracker? Well, it comes with a heart rate sensor, which was not present in the previous edition of Xiaomi’s fitness tracker, the Mi Band.

Mi Band 1S

Let’s talk a little more about the heart rate sensor. Firstly, it is based on an optical heart monitoring technology which tracks the blood by illuminating the capillaries with LED. The heart rate sensor monitor will be available as an accessory to the Mi band package.

Apart from tracking one’s heart rate, the Mi Band Plus can also track steps and can estimate the calories burnt along with the distance covered. It is also capable of monitoring the quality of your sleep and can also reportedly nudge you with vibrations before your alarm wakes you up with a start. The Mi band Plus will also alert you for incoming calls and will let you unlock your phone with it.

With the functions out of the way, we can now move over to the slightly static design. The Mi Band Plus looks a lot like the Mi Band and comes with the same hardware and rubber strap. However, there is a slight difference in its weight by 0.5 gms and dimensions at 37×13.6×9.9 mm, which is just slightly larger than the Mi Band.

Mi Power Bank (20,000mAh)

Xiaomi has also announced the Mi Power Bank along with the Mi Band Plus or Mi Band 1S. This device will come with a capacity of 20,000 mAh and will come with a plastic body, as compared to the metal body that the company’s other power banks come with. Xiaomi has also mentioned that the battery within the device will be made by LG or Panasonic and will come with a conversion rate of 83 percent with a 5.1V and 3.6A output.

Mi Power Bank

Both devices sound extremely promising, however, they have been released exclusively in China. The Mi Band Plus will be priced at $16 which is approximately Rs.1,062, while the Mi Power Bank is expected to be priced at $24 which is approximately Rs.1,593.

No word yet on when the devices will launch in India. We’ll update you as soon as we have more news on that.

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