Bluetooth To Amp Up Speed and Connectivity In 2016

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Bluetooth To Amp Up Speed and Connectivity In 2016

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Bluetooth SIG has made some important announcements today regarding an upgrade in the upcoming year. The company is set on increasing the ‘Internet Of Things’ by including updates such as longer range, higher speeds and mesh networking. They also aim at taking a stride towards  industries that deal with smart homes, industrial automation, locations-based services and smart infrastructure.

“There is significant demand from our members and the industry at large to enhance Bluetooth with the new capabilities we’re announcing today,” said Toby Nixon, chairman of the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors

Bluetooth has also further announced that apart from the above mentioned updates, users will also experience a 100% speed boost along with a 4X better range than the usual. Their mesh networking updates are targeted to allow a collection of individual devices to work together to blanket an entire building. With all these developments, 2016 does seem like an interesting year to look forward to, at least in the tech department.


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