Motorola Rolling out Android Marshmallow for Moto X Style in India

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Motorola Rolling out Android Marshmallow for Moto X Style in India

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Marshmallow 6.0 Update for Motorola rolling out now. Watch this space for our hands-on video.

Motorola has just announced that they will begin rolling out the new Android Marshmallow 6.0 on the Moto X Style and Moto X 2nd Gen. What is even better is, that for the first time it is getting rolled out in India before anywhere else! This initial integration will be available only to Brazil and India for the Moto X Style and Brazil will be exclusively availing the Moto X 2nd Gen rollout. However, this is just the current market strategy, more markets will be added in the near future.

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Therefore, let us give you a brief recap on some features you can expect with the Android 6.0. Firstly, you will have an ‘app standby’ feature that will allow you save battery energy by putting your seldom used apps into a reduced activity state. You will also have a ‘Doze’ feature, to help you further save your phone’s battery life by recognizing when your device is idle and automatically going into a ‘deep sleep’ state. This basically means, that when you are not using your phone, the new software will automatically shut down all unnecessary background functions to save power.

Android Marshmallow (2)

Apart from battery saving skills, this Marshmallow will also allow you to have greater control over what you share with a new permissions model that comes with the newly designed ‘app permissions’. This  also allows you to install a feature when required, instead of installing the entire thing all at once. Another feature called ‘app links’ allows you to decide what action you want to perform for each of your apps when you click on a web link.

Android Marshmallow will also affect your expandable storage options by allowing your SD card to extend to its maximum internal storage rather than just using it for media files. There will also be a ‘do not disturb’ button, whose functions are self-explanatory, and volume controls are expected to be more efficient too.

moto x 2nd gen

Two final features are the ‘Now on Tap’ and ‘Direct Share’. The first one will provide Google Now with context to show your results according to the app you are using and ‘direct share’ will enable sharing anything, from a contact or a conversation, within an app directly.

That was our little recap, for more details about the Android Marshmallow click here. Until then, if you own the phones mentioned above, sit tight and await your update.

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