Gmail’s New Features Help Save Time and Protect Privacy

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Gmail’s New Features Help Save Time and Protect Privacy

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Gmail has recently announced two new features that will be available on the emailing website. The first one is a minor change brought about within the search engine tab. Previously, when you wanted to look for a mail, you would have to navigate through all three different files – Inbox, Spam and Trash, separately. However, the new change will allow Gmail to look for your email directly from the main search tab on the inbox screen page. This search will automatically look for files throughout your Gmail profile, including the Trash and Spam. This feature will not be available on the phone apps but only on the web.

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Secondly, Gmail is increasing its security by warning you about emails that arrive over un-encrypted connections. Un-encrypted emails increase the risk of your personal information getting leaked and also makes you prone to getting attacked by viruses and other harmful activities. While Gmail to Gmail messages are mostly encrypted, there are still many email servers who do not use encryption. Therefore in the weeks to come, you might receive something like this:

Gmail Encrytion message Hopefully, all of this protects us from everything that we stand to lose – time and privacy. Who says only celebrities get all the attention?

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