United States Issues Warning Against China Made Drones, DJI May Be Banned

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United States Issues Warning Against China Made Drones, DJI May Be Banned

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The Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) of the United States has issued an alert against the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones manufactured in China. In a report provided to a renowned media house, the department claims the drone sends flight data to the manufacturers. And given the latest stance by the country over spyware, it is expected that DJI, a major Chinese drone maker who sells about eighty percent of the total drones in the US and Canada; may be banned from the country as well.

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This news arrives after the latest trade ban imposed by the country on Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. While the ban has been suspended for 90 days, the increasing trade war between the US and China is expected to further rise because of the fresh statement. 

About The Alert

DJI Drone Spark

As mentioned above, the Department of Homeland Security has alerted the users of drones manufactured in China that their flight data is being sent back to the manufacturers. This data can be accessed by the Chinese government which it can further use for spying purposes. According to the Department, the drones pose a potential risk to an organisation’s information. This is because the products contain components that can be used to compromise the user’s data and share their information on a server accessed by the Chinese government. And while a brand or a product is not mentioned specifically mentioned in the report, popular drone maker DJI seems to be that can be affected if the US decides to ban China made drones in the country.

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DJI is a Chinese manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen and is really popular globally for its drones. As is previously mentioned, they have over 80 percent of the market in the US and Canada. So in a case where the country decides to ban their products, the revenue of the company can take a hit substantially. It has clarified to its customers in a statement which notes that its products provide full and complete control over the security of their data. The users can decide how their data is stored, collected and transmitted. 

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