BLOCKS: World’s First Customizable Smartwatch is Here

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BLOCKS: World’s First Customizable Smartwatch is Here

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Here’s a successful Kickstarter project, and it’s called Block Wearables. This start-up company has announced a gadget called BLOCKS, which is the world’s first fully customizable smartwatch. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from it.


Kickstarter Blocks Watch

The watch comes in three modes, namely, the athlete’s module, the business man’s module and the adventurer’s module. The athlete mode can be activated by adding a Heart Rate and GPS module to measure your pulse and track your location respectively.

The businessman mode can be activated by turning the NFC contactless module on; this will help you to make payments directly from your wristwatch. Apart from that the watch will also have a SIM module in order to keep you connected even without your cell-phone in hand.

Finally, the adventurer’s mode which can be activated by adding extra batteries and switching the adventure module setting on, which will alter altitude, temperature and humidity settings according to your surroundings.


Kickstarter Blocks Watch

BLOCKS has a open platform for hardware development; this means that any tech company can develop modules for its modular smartwatch. And because of its success it has announced some major collaborations with a couple of big names in the tech world.

Examples of important tie-ups include a cellular connectivity agreement with AT&T in the U.S, a heart rate monitoring module with Pixart Imaging along with inbuilt tri-LED pulse sensor, and a collaboration with Biometric Authentication for a fingerprint module to be made available via BioConnect Entertech Systems.


Kickstarter Blocks Watch

On the design front, BLOCKS has gone high-end by collaborating with Tateossian, which is a luxury British jeweller. Therefore, all the shells will come with a rhodium plated base along with enamel colours over alutex. So, you will be able to customize your watch just by replacing the shells accordingly.

To add to this, there will also be a limited edition version of shells made with small black and white diamonds. Here’s a couple of images for a better understanding of this smartwatch’s design –

This does sound and look like quite the smartwatch, now we just have to wait and watch how well it does in the market. What do you think of this innovation?

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