Amazon Might Have a Secret Air Cargo Service Called “Aerosmith”

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Amazon Might Have a Secret Air Cargo Service Called “Aerosmith”

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New reports suggest that Amazon might be the owner of a secretive air cargo service that launched earlier this year.  Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) had begun shipping consumer goods out of a decommissioned air base in Ohio. The entire operation is being referred to as operation “Aerosmith”; however, the reported mystery company has not been revealed yet.

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This airfield is Wilmington Air Park and is a non-passenger airport that has been air-shipping cargo for various clients for some time now. It was previously used by DHL operations from 2003 to 2008, but has since remained empty.

Recent reports have confirmed that Amazon has been looking for effective ways to serve its customers by creating drone superhighway and opening physical stores. Therefore, it only makes sense that owning their private air cargo operation would only allow the company to ship their products without any hassle of a middleman.

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More details about this tells us that the company behind “Aerosmith” has contracted four Boeing 767s, that fly from Wilmington to four other airports which are at close proximity to Amazon distribution centers. However, representatives at the airports have only mentioned that the cargo was coming in as “general consumer goods.”

Companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL have already confirmed that they are not the ‘mystery company’. Amazon has also reportedly been working on an overnight parcel delivery service.

This isn’t really a crime so we wouldn’t know why anybody would be hiding it. Anyway, Amazon has not confirmed anything yet. Let’s just hope there is some sort of an announcement soon enough, because this seems like a silly secret to keep.

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