Amazon Is Developing A Louder Echo Speaker, Also Working On Robots

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Amazon Is Developing A Louder Echo Speaker, Also Working On Robots

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Following the sensational success of Amazon Echo smart speaker with built in Alexa VA (virtual assitant), Apple launched its own iteration of a smart speaker which is called the HomePod. The latter runs Apple’s virtual assistant Siri which is also found on iPhones and Mac computers. While the Amazon Echo was originally intended as a companion device for asking quick questions, the HomePod was designed as device that could fill up large living spaces with powerful audio.Amazon Echo Speaker

With both companies also competing in the music streaming service category, the compact Echo speakers have fallen short in front of the stout HomePod which packs a punch sound output. In order to maintain a lead in the music streaming service, that Amazon currently has over Apple, the former plans to launch a beefier smart speaker claims a Bloomberg report. 

According to the report the new Amazon Echo smart speaker is set to release by next year. In addition, the prototype that the company is currently testing features four or more number of internal tweeters. In comparison, Apple’s incorporates 7 tweeters which sort of form a beam of sound. In addition to the chunkier Echo speaker, the existing lineup is also set to receive minor updates this fall states the report.Apple HomePod Vs Amazon Echo With Alexa

Besides smart speakers, Amazon is also working on a ‘Alexa home robot’ that will follow the device owner around a house or a work space. Noteworthy, the Amazon branded robot stands about waist height and sports numerous cameras which will help it to easily navigate through different spaces. 

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Conclusively, it seems that Amazon is bidding big on the rapidly booming smart home and appliance industry. Also the existence of personal robot suggests that company is not holding back on any technological firepower. Although it is a bit exaggerating, Amazon branded robots could very well be cooking food for you except for just reading recipes aloud via Alexa.

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