US Sets Up Three Centers for Treatment of Smartphone Addicts

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US Sets Up Three Centers for Treatment of Smartphone Addicts

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Nomophobia is the fear of not having access to a smartphone. Yes, it exists and is real enough for an American fascility called Morningside Recovery to provide formal, systematic treatment for it. Nomophobia fear of not having a smartphone1The treatment begins with collecting the smartphones of individuals with the condition. Following this, they are allowed only limited access to their devices, promoting other kinds of activities they may have been missing out on lately. By cutting contact with the outside world, the individuals are encouraged to interact with each other, and participate in group and individual activities.

The sufferers of nomophobia are encouraged to develop new behavioral patterns that do no involve smartphones. With the help of breathing exercises, the individuals are trained to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. Morningside Recovery has three centres providing this treatment located in California, Texas and Arizona.Nomophobia fear of not having a smartphoneDr. Waterman, the director of the programme, advises not just his patients but also smartphone addicts all over to “just try to put it [smartphone] down for a few moments and re-focus on their daily interactions.” Kindly take note. In a world where smartphones have become an extension of our bodies, it is not long until facilities like Morningside Recovery start popping up in India as well.

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