HTC Vive to Make a ‘Big Breakthrough’ in VR at CES 2016

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HTC Vive to Make a ‘Big Breakthrough’ in VR at CES 2016

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CEO Cher Wang made an exciting announcement about “a very, very big technological breakthrough” at the Vive Unbound developers forum in Beijing yesterday. No other details were divulged except that this upgrade for HTC Vive will be unveiled at CES ’16. This comes as a great comfort after HTC disclosed that buyers won’t get a chance to lay hands on the HTC Vive before April ’16.HTC Vive Heads On7

Speculations about the retail price of this product have already begun. Once again, the CEO remained tight-lipped and made no mention of even an estimated price. The price will be an important factor with the device already facing competition from many VR-options in the market at competitive prices.

It can be assumed at this point, however, that the kit will cost more than its counterparts because of extra hardware. Wang remains confident this will not be a deterrent for consumers and says, “Why would I buy a handicapped product? You won’t like it.”HTC Vive Heads On0

Additionally, Vive isn’t only for consumers. Automobile manufacturers like Audi will install it in its flagship stores to create virtual test drives, while other manufacturers are expected to follow suit. It will also be installed in hospitals to get a 3D scan of a patient’s head and therefore prep better for a surgery. We’ll only have to sit back and wait if HTC truly has to offer all that it promises in the realm of VR and 3D tech.

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