Google+ is the Behemoth new Social Networking Attempt from Google

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Google+ is the Behemoth new Social Networking Attempt from Google

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Google has always wanted to be a king of Social Networking, after Orkut and Buzz that failed to catch up and sustain themselves to the competition. Google has today launched the new Google + Social networking engine. In a simple attempt a black bar appears at the top of the google pages with a +you button.

One of the most notable services in the Google+ networking is the Circles. What this basically lets you do, it that it allows you to select your group of friends and assign them into groups (or circles) then when yo post updates you can select who all you want to update.

Hangouts is also an interesting aspect as it allows a multi-person video chat right in your browser. Sparks is a multi interest feed organizer, that lets you remember your likes and keeps you updated on that.

Google has gone all out by launching the mobile app along with the service, which for one has an instant uploads folder which would upload all your images on the Google+ account in a private album and you can share those images with your status.

Google+ is still in a limited trial mode and looks like all their invites are gone, we will have more on this soon !

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