CES 2016: Panasonic Transparent Displays Give Us a Peek Into the Future

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CES 2016: Panasonic Transparent Displays Give Us a Peek Into the Future

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For most smart-homes a shiny looking, flat-screen panel in the living room is the heart of everything smart, and beautiful. Over the years, display manufacturers have gone to great extents to create gorgeous looking TVs that not only add a dash of class to your home, but also are an embodiment of the latest technology available in the market.

Panasonic, in a bid to take things in this already heavily competitive space to another level, has come up with a new experimental screen that fades to total transparency when not in use.The display technology has such potential, that when it eventually gets retail release, it could well turn out to be one of the biggest TV advancements since the advent of the flat screen.

panasonic display

The Japanese company revealed its transparent TV screen on the floor of CES 2016, and was greeted by never ending crowds gathered around it. The display on show was a thin LCD panel with adjustable dimensions.

According to reports, the display has a slight tint to it which the engineers at Panasonic aim to get rid of in the future. The display also for now cannot process resolutions over 1080p, but be that as it may, this concept display is still nothing short of amazing!

Just thinking about the real life applications of this tech brings a smile to our faces at iGyaan. Imagine a warm morning couple of years down the line, when you wake up to look outside your window, and lo and behold, a notification pops up on your windowpane intimating you of the weather forecast for the day, or plays a video of the goal you missed from last night’s Champion’s League game! Yes, all that, and more could well become real in the future.

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