All Moto Devices to Feature Fingerprint Scanners in 2016

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All Moto Devices to Feature Fingerprint Scanners in 2016

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Motorola (and this might be the last time we use the name) has been the name attached to the advent of the phone back in the 90s, and even fingerprint sensors back in 2011 with the Atrix 4G, much before Apple did it with the iPhone 5s. However, Motorola was still behind in including the feature to many of its devices in the past few years, especially last year’s Moto X Style and Play, while other brands have largely embraced the feature.

Speaking of fingerprint sensors then, Lenovo has stated that all of its Moto devices this yer will feature fingerprint scanners. Chen Xudong, SVP of Lenovo and president for Lenovo China and Asia Pacific, has revealed that all Moto-branded handsets launching this year will have fingerprint sensors. One can’t help but feel that Lenovo is ready to make some big changes to the Moto lineup after it officially kills off Motorola this year.

Lenovo Vibe P1 with fingerprint scanner

Lenovo Vibe P1 with fingerprint sensor

Additionally, Lenovo has also stated that there will be no more devices with screen size under 5-inches, which, if one cares to venture, could mean the end of the Moto E line. Lenovo’s plan looks pretty straightforward – the Moto devices will be launched aimed at the high-end market, while budget devices will bear the ‘Vibe’ moniker. Between the two, Lenovo plans to launch no more than 15 devices this year.

Lastly, Chen also stated that Google Play Store will launch in China, which is likely to give a stiff competition to many of the local app stores for Android in the country. In fact, Google was supposed to announce a China-only version of the Play Store last year along with the launch of the Nexus devices, but that did not happen.

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