Polaroid ModelSmart 250S : 3-D Printer for your Home

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Polaroid ModelSmart 250S : 3-D Printer for your Home

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Polaroid is a company which became a world-wide hit during the 70’s with its instant photo spitting devices. It’s a brand that invokes nostalgia amongst all who ever held, or saw one of its rainbow striped cameras. Though these devices are no match for today’s digital cameras for features, but in terms of fun, and instant gratification, Polaroid’s instant snappers provided something that no digital camera can match.

At CES, 2016, Polaroid keeping in touch with the core values of its brand launched the Polaroid Snap. The Snap was the evolution of the 70’s Polaroid instant Snapper. This device is a Digital Camera + Bluetooth Instant Printer in one. Suffice to say onlookers were charmed, Polaroid back in the news, but it seems like the Company wasn’t done. Well, not just yet. Enter Polaroid ModelSmart 250S.


Smart 250s is Polaroid’s attempt at testing new waters in 2016. This is Polaroid’s foray into the 3-D printing market. The company will produce this tech in partnership with U.K based Environmental Business Products(EBP).

The printing chamber’s dimensions are 250 x 150 x 150mm (W x H x D), and on the outside the printer bears Polaroid’s iconic color band along with its name at the front. It is a refreshing change from the other dull 3-D printers available in the market.


Polaroid’s machine comes with autocalibration, and 3-D Prep software, and hence only 10 Simple settings for printing. It also is equipped with Wi-Fi enabled camera, and app control so that printing can be done sitting from the users desk. Objects between the size of 50-350 microns can be created with ModelSmart 250.

With the ModelSmart 250S, Polaroid’s come to the market with a simple product aimed at home users, but more likely users of this machine could end up being small businesses, and startups. No pricing information has been announced for the ModelSmart 250S.

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