New Teaser – Meet the Moto X Force

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New Teaser – Meet the Moto X Force

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Motorola today has  come out with yet another teaser for its latest device, the seventh in the series in which it has mocked, and ridiculed its rivals for their fragility. This new teaser following suit from the previous teasers again puts the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S6 in the line of fire but this time these two are put in the ring against the Moto X Force which unsurprisingly come out on top without even a scratch.

The teaser is dubbed as ” Meet the Moto X Force” and for the first time in the series of videos it shows Motorola’s offering being put to the same test that its competitors have had to go through in Motorola’s last couple of videos.

The new teaser shows Motorola Mobility’s President, Rick Oserloh join in on the fun. He is seen letting these phones free from a height of about 7 feet. The iPhone and S6 do not survive the fall, while the Moto X Force comes out of the whole experience like nothing even happened.

Motorola claims to have integrated a ‘Moto Shattershield’ technology in the display of Moto Force which, it says won’t “crack under pressure”. Well, brag on Motorola, this is your time.


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