We Can’t Wait For Sony’s Shiny New E-Ink Remote to Arrive in India

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We Can’t Wait For Sony’s Shiny New E-Ink Remote to Arrive in India

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A couple of months ago, Sony launched a crowd-funding platform, a la Kickstarter, for its own new products. Called First Flight, the platform is one of company’s attempts to get itself back on its feet by increasing profitability. The platform includes crowd-funded projects, along with allowing customers to directly buy or pre-order products developed by Sony workers.Sony huis 1

The latest updates from Sony’s First Flight comes in the form of an e-ink device called ‘Huis’, pronounced as ‘house’, which is also the first project of the platform. It is a remote for your smart-home allowing you to control lights and remote controlled devices. How is it different from the many other such devices out there, you ask? To begin with, it is fully customizeable, is very low on power-demands and has support for IR, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The remote works with television sets, music systems, lights, air conditioners and pretty much anything that is capable of communicating with a remote (barring any pets of the feline origin). Watch technology make your life so much easier as remotes for so many different gadgets get condensed into one with Sony Huis.

Though there is no word yet on when Huis would be made available globally, Sony has already begun taking orders for it in Japan. Currently it costs ¥27,950 or about Rs. 30,000.


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