OnePlus 3 to Possibly Ditch Invite System, Launch Set for Q2

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OnePlus 3 to Possibly Ditch Invite System, Launch Set for Q2

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At a time when flagships phones from big tech companies are alienating themselves from the majority of the crowd due to their high price, flagship killers, such as the phones from OnePlus have carved out a separate market space for themselves with phones that offer market leading specs but for a fraction of the price of the flagships.

to carry this forward, Chinese smartphone maker, OnePlus plans to bring the new OnePlus 3 to take on the S7s and G5s of the world, and this time, it plans to do things just a bit differently


In an interview with Cnet the company’s CEO Carl Pie revealed plans for the upcoming phone. He revealed  that the company will make a renewed push for the US market with the OnePlus 3 and will adopt ore traditional forms of marketing hinting at what could possibly be the ditching of the frustrating invite system.

The same invite system which had made the previous OnePlus devices almost impossible to get your hands on for the starting months when demand for them was at its peak.

If it indeed turns out to be true It would mean the company would have to drastically improve things at the manufacturing side of things because a OnePlus 3 without an invite and the kind of specs we expect at a reasonable price point will disrupt the industry like nothing else.


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