HTC One M10 to Feature a “Compelling Camera Experience”

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HTC One M10 to Feature a “Compelling Camera Experience”

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HTC has been busy finishing up and polishing its upcoming flagship device, the HTC One M10. So much so that it refused to unveil the device at the MWC along with other heavyweights like the Galaxy S7 and LG G5. This, however, may be an interesting play on HTC’s part in order to see what its competitors brought out first. We can all agree that the MWC saw Samsung, LG and Xiaomi unveiling flagships all with new camera technologies. And it looks like HTC plans on doing the same with the One M10.

According to HTC’s Chief Financial Officer Chialin Chang, the One M10 will offer a “very, very compelling camera experience.” This statement comes following the MWC 2016 that saw some groundbreaking new innovations in camera technology. Chang is confident about the One M10’s camera “after seeing what’s going on in the market.” He further agreed that he experienced other new handsets unveiled at the MWC 2016, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5.

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When HTC announced the UltraPixel technology with the One M8, fans were expecting a camera that would deliver some spectacular photographs. But the One M8 failed to deliver. The company went back to the traditional megapixel with the One M9 which again wasn’t well received, not when the market is incredibly tough with the likes of Samsung, LG and Apple.

It is now rumoured that HTC will once again use the UP technology in the One M10. This may be a huge gamble on the part of HTC to back its camera technology. But if the company has managed to learn from its mistakes, the UP technology could be exactly what HTC had intended. The rear camera is rumoured to sport a 12UP module with OIS and autofocus while the front still is unknown. If HTC wants to be a contender in the camera department, knowing  that Samsung has upped its camera specs in the Galaxy S7, then nothing short of 5UP for the front and some absolutely spectacular images that compliment a Quad HD AMOLED display will be accepted by fans.

In order to wow the mass, the One M10 will need to come with some truly redefined features and design language. HTC is well aware of the competition now post MWC and will no doubt be busy for the next few weeks until the April launch to tweak and perfect its flagship device.

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