4 Features We Want to See in the HTC One M10

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4 Features We Want to See in the HTC One M10

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HTC is just a couple of months away from unveiling its next flagship smartphone, the HTC One M10. A lot is riding on the company to deliver a device that is truly groundbreaking. Indeed, HTC needs to have something great in the One M10 if it still wants to compete in the highly competitive smartphone world. We’ve seen a bunch of leaked images and rumoured specs that haven’t really excited the masses so far. But the final device could be a different case. In order to have a winner on its hands, here are some features that we expect to see in the One M10.

A New HTC Design Language


HTC One M7

For a moment let’s forget about the recent leaked images and renders of the One M10. Let’s forget that HTC has gone with a design language similar to the One A9, which was heavily criticised for being an iPhone 6 rip-off, though HTC would contend that Apple copied them first. Such is the way inspiration works in the tech world. There was a time when HTC had a great design language with its M-series, the One M7 being one of the company’s best in design. It was something that was truly HTC’s own.

Barring the fact that HTC messed up with the One M9, the M lineup (especially the M7 and M8) was praised for its metallic unibody build, BoomSound dual front speakers that were widely appreciated, and a premium feel attached to it. But the company has recently hit a block in terms of design. What the company needs is to rely less on what companies like Apple have achieved with the iPhone and more on coming up with a new design language while still having traces of the old.

Latest render of the One M10

Latest render of the One M10

Honestly, fans would still appreciate the BoomSound dual speakers on the front only a little more refined. A curved metallic back for a better hold, a minimalistic and sleek design, and an almost bezel-less screen could together have made for a great-looking phone. If LeEco can manage that with the Le 1s than HTC can too.

HTC’s UltraPixel Technology Needs to Shine this Time

HTC Ultrapixel

When HTC announced the UltraPixel technology with the One M8, fans were expecting a camera that would deliver some spectacular photographs. But the One M8 failed to deliver. The company went back to the traditional megapixel with the One M9 which again wasn’t well recieved, not when the market is incredibly tough with the likes of Samsung, LG and Apple.

It is now rumoured that HTC will once again use the UP technology in the One M10. This may be a huge gamble on the part of HTC to back its camera technology. But if the company has managed to learn from its mistakes, the UP technology could be exactly what HTC had intended. The rear camera is rumoured to sport a 12UP module with OIS and autofocus while the front still is unknown. If HTC wants to be a contender in the camera department, knowing  that Samsung has upped its camera specs in the Galaxy S7, then nothing short of 5UP for the front and some absolutely spectacular images that compliment a Quad HD AMOLED display will be accepted by fans.

At Least One Bumped Up Specification


Let’s be honest, life in today’s world is all about getting there first. This though applies even for technology. People are wowed with a device that manages to beat its competition in bringing out the a first in something. Either that or you try to make an existing technology even better. LeEco took everyone by surprise when it brought out the Le Max Pro – the first smartphone with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset – when everybody was looking towards Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

The rumoured specs of the HTC One M10 aren’t all that special. They’re pretty much what is expected from a flagship device in 2016. You have a Snapdragon 820 chipset in the One M10 which will also be seen in the Galaxy S7, LG G5, Xiaomi Mi5 and many more to come. If HTC wants its device to stand apart, it needs to offer one specification that other OEMs aren’t. Maybe bumping up the RAM to 4GB might do the trick, or maybe it’s just not enough. Even if HTC manages to fit in a battery big enough to handle a Quad HD AMOLED display and gaming without giving up completely by the end of the day, it would be appreciated.

Thinner, Sleeker BoomSound or a Multi-Purpose Fingerprint Sensor (or Both)


One M10 Early Render

It was the BoomSound speakers that gave HTC’s M lineup a new direction. HTC now needs to introduce a new unique feature that will give the M10 purpose. If you’re going to replace the speakers with a physical home button that might also house a fingerprint scanner, then the sensor could do a lot more than simply unlocking the phone. In fact, having the BoomSound front speakers and the fingerprint scanner at the back would have been perfect. Alas, that’s perhaps asking too much.

HTC could have indeed kept the BoomSound speakers, making the grill thinner and closer to the top and bottom edges so as to save space and deliver on sound at the same time. Some renders (like the one above) also showed the same imagination, but the new images that reveal the One A9-like design show no trace of a speaker at all. It could still be that HTC has moved the speakers to the bottom, and if it manages to get the same quality it just might do the trick. Furthermore, if that indeed is the case then the headphone jack would have to move to the top.

Now while these may still not be groundbreaking changes or additions, it is something that would get fans a lot more excited than they are right now. The One M10 will essentially decide the company’s future in the smartphone market, and perhaps the delay to launch the device is due to some last minute tweaks that could work in their favour. We’ll just have to wait and see if HTC has a winner with the One M10 or not.

Have any particular feature you want to see in the HTC One M10? Let us know in the comments below.

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