iPhone 7 to Sport High-Res Front Camera with 4K Video Capture

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iPhone 7 to Sport High-Res Front Camera with 4K Video Capture

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In a news that will excite Apple and non-Apple fans alike, the upcoming iPhone 7 will have the most powerful front camera by the Cupertino-based giant yet. The front camera will be able to capture high resolutions stills and 4K video recording as well.

It looks like Apple’s focus on selfies remains high. The company has understood the trend of the hour and wants to deliver the best possible camera for that. With the iPhone 6s, Apple had introduced a whopping 5MP front camera ( a major bump from the 1.2MP of the iPhone 6) with Retina Flash as well as a GIF-like feature with Live Photos.

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The Retina Flash feature intelligently lights the subject with a colored flash, calculated by first flashing a neutral white flash by amping up the display, then almost immediately re-flashing the screen with a selected color. The selected color is typically an amber hue as it delivers a more flattering flash than a pure white screen would.

With the iPhone 7, Apple will likely stick to a 5MP front and Retina Flash only the images will get a lot more color, sharpness, and detail with high-res capability, and with 4K recording, selfie videos are going to be the next big thing. We may just see the front camera being the new primary option for photography rather than the rear.

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