Mattel’s New ThinkMaker 3D Printer lets you Create your own Toys

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Mattel’s New ThinkMaker 3D Printer lets you Create your own Toys

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At the recent New York Toy Fair, Mattel unveiled the ThinkMaker, a ’70s toy maker that uses modern 3D printing technology. But the new ThinkMaker is a lot more than an ordinary toy maker that could mould bug-like creatures or Creepy Crawlers as they were popularly called.

The new 3D Printing ThingMaker can design complex objects like figurines, jewellery and accessories using the ThingMaker Design app, which Mattel developed together with Autodesk. The toy maker will start shipping this fall and comes at a very affordable price of $300.


There are so many reasons to love Mattel’s new ThinkMaker. At $300, the toy maker is not only cheap, but it can also train kids in 3D designing from an early age. It also engages the child’s creativity as it allows kids to use the ThinkMaker to create a variety of things. Kids will be able to design toys from scratch and the toys can be customised with different colours and textures.

Instead of having to pour liquid plastic into toy moulds as was the case with Mattel’s original ThinkMaker back in 1960, the new ThinkMaker spits them out like any other 3D printer. And the fact that this is a 3D printer that is easy and safe to use makes it a great purchase for kids and adults alike.

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