Code Like a Pro With BitBucket Git Solution

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Code Like a Pro With BitBucket Git Solution

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Coding is becoming the quintessential millennial language, and with many new startups and entrepreneurs drifting towards a digital business strategy, writing a great code is not the only requisite. What if you could get a secure place to share and collaborate on your code? What if you could streamline your code workflow, storing revisions and create repositories for download and future referencing? Well, Atlassian Bitbucket is one such solution.

Bitbucket is designed for small businesses and startup code developers, who need an easy and safe environment to code for their business, without the need to set up high end and expensive infrastructure. Bitbucket is available in two different options. A Bitbucket Server which allows you to host your code on an owned independent server using the Bitbucket platform and manage your coding workflow with complete control, or a BitBucket Cloud which would allow for on the fly expansion and failsafes, without the need for deploying several servers.

If you have a small business with 5 or less users, then BitBucket is completely free, with the ability to have unlimited public and private repositories. You can keep increasing the plan as you go ; US$ 10 for 10 users and upto US$ 200 for unlimited users a month. With the free plan, the usage and deployment of repositories is unlimited with no questions asked, as your teams grow you can increase the plan to suit your needs.

JIRA and Bitbucket work with seamless integration and allow programers to evaluate details of branches, commits and pull requests right in the JIRA Cloud issues. Since the sync works with pull requests, the JIRA Cloud workflow issues are updated automatically while you continue to work on advancing your software’s code.

If you are using GitHub importing your repositories into BitBucket is easily done from the dashboard. Admins can define access controls for users allowing better control for who has access to what part of the coding process.


For safety of your work, a ability to setup Two-factor authentication (2FA) and Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) authentication, ensures a clean disturbance free and secure platform for your next billion dollar idea. BitBucket is used by over 9 lakh development teams world wide including developers for companies like Starbucks, Ford, and even payment systems like code and deploy using Bitbucket.

If you have a brilliant team working on the next big code, the BigBucket platform may be a great place to start. Did we mention it is absolutely free? Click Here to know more. 

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