Microsoft HoloLens to Ship March 30th to Developers

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Microsoft HoloLens to Ship March 30th to Developers

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It was last year when HoloLens first teased to the world its new mixed reality headset. Starting today, developers can finally preorder the futuristic augmented reality goggles which will cost $3,000 and ship on March 30th.

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Devs who had earlier applied and accepted for the program will begin receiving invitations to purchase HoloLens. Microsoft also revealed new information about the hardware, as well as information about its internally built demo applications.

On the hardware front, Microsoft revealed a detailed list of specifications, including features not heard before. The device contains a Windows 10 computer, Intel 32-bit processor, 2 GB of RAM, 2-megapixel camera, 64 GB of storage and Bluetooth support. A clicker accessory for interacting with the holograms will be included in the box.

HoloLens comes with an assortment of three games: Fragments, Young Coker and RoboRaid. It’ll also ship with HoloStudio which allows developers to create 3D environments at a “world sized” scale, as well as a ‘HoloLens enabled’ version of Skype that will enable interaction in the holographic world with others. Another bundled app also sounds impressive. The HoloTour, allows you to see 360-degree panoramic video of Rome and Machu Picchu with 3D sound.

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