New Bionic Specs to allow the blind to see

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New Bionic Specs to allow the blind to see

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]leek bionic spectacles could soon replace a blind persons cane, as scientists at the Oxford University in the U.K. suggest. dubbed the “smart spectacles”, these bionic glasses use tiny cameras and a pocket computer to alert wearers to objects and people ahead.

A price of less than 1,000 pounds (approx Rs. 75000) should make them affordable, but does not for the large population of India, the researchers told the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition.

The most to benefit from this technology will be Elderly people with age-related macular degeneration- added the Scientists 

Dr Stephen Hicks, who has completed the basic research and is now working on prototype spectacles, said :

It is satisfying to think that we will be able to produce this at a cost that is going make it available to the people who will benefit the most”

The cameras will take in the information the eyes should see and send it down a cable to a mobile phone-sized computer in the wearer’s pocket. The computer will process the information and simplify it into a pattern of dots. The LEDs in the lenses then light up in that pattern, giving the wearer vital information about what lies ahead.

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