DJI Phantom 4; An Evolution In Drone Tech

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DJI Phantom 4; An Evolution In Drone Tech

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One of the biggest names in drone manufacturing, DJI, has taken the veil off the Phantom 4, and it brings with it a host of cool features to make it a consumer favorite. The China-based company already controls 70% of the drone market, and with this new autonomous drone that will retail for $1399(Approx Rs 95,000) DJI only expects its market position to grow only stronger.

The Phantom 4 houses within its body 4 new sensors that allow it to detect objects up to 50 feet away, and makes it capable of being aware of its surroundings and avoid crashes by stopping before impact. The DJI Phantom 4 can also be programmed to stick to a particular path without input from the pilot.

DJI Phantom Drone

New modes such as the “Tap Fly” provides the user with the functionality to send destination directions to the drone by tapping on the live view display. Another amazing feature added to the Phantom 4 is “Active Track.” Using this feature, the pilot can touch on a target upon which the drone will recognize the person or object and track it in flight using the camera automatically.

The Phantom 4 also comes with an improved design which helps it go faster without the rotors getting in the shot and a sport mode that allows the drone to move at faster speeds.

With the Phantom 4, DJI has tried to create a drone that learns from its predecessors and comes to the market as a product which with the use of its computerized vision software and onboard sensors tries to minimize the chance of human error from the equation. The Phantom 4 can essentially pilot itself, rather than being dependent on the user for every single action and hence makes for a brilliant choice if you’re looking to get yourself a new drone.

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