Top 10 Xiaomi Products Not Available Globally

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Top 10 Xiaomi Products Not Available Globally

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Xiaomi Inc. has fast become a brand that has more than just smartphones in its arsenal. With a host of home products and accessories available in India, it has built up quite a fanbase here in India. But as with a lot of Xiaomi smartphones, there is a host of other Xiaomi products that aren’t available outside the Chinese market. so, let’s take a look at Top10 Xiaomi products that are only available in China.

1. Xiaomi Smart Air Quality Monitor PM2.5 Detector

The rise and rise of pollution in this world has left us all huffing and puffing for fresh air. The Smart Air Quality Monitor is your reality check at every step, telling you the quality of the air you’re breathing at that very moment. It links up with the Xiaomi Air Purifier, and with its small form-factor, it’s a must-have Xiaomi product especially if you live in a metropolitan city with tons of cars emitting harmful toxins right in your face!

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2. Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds

In an era of wireless earbuds, the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds is exactly what you need. They’re portable, comfortable and have an IPX4 rating, which means that you can sweat it out in the gym while listening to your favourite jam and not worry about ruining these earbuds!

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3. Xiaomi Selfie Stick Camera Shutter

Let’s admit it, we all buy the fancy phones nowadays in pursuit of that perfect club selfie with your friends. The pleasure of getting that group selfie with all your friends in it just makes the day a little better, doesn’t it? The Xiaomi Selfie Stick is the perfect companion when it comes to taking those tedious group selfies ensuring all your friends are in the frame!

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4. Xiaomi Smart Power Strip

This is a power strip you would need at your home. It’s the new-age power strip that does more than just charging your appliances. It connects to an app which enables you to timely switch it off to avoid over-charging and electricity consumption. It also lets you measure the electricity it has consumed. Genius, isn’t it?

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5. Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2

The strain caused to your eyes while working in a setting where the lighting is either too bright or too dim is something we’ve all experienced. In this era of smart lighting, Xiaomi has come up with a smart lamp in collaboration with Philips and it’s an instant winner. Take good care of your eyes and don’t let this lamp go out of stock!

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6. Xiaomi PLAY2 3D VR Headset

A modern-day smartphone needs to be VR compatible to gain any kind of traction, such is the sudden emergence of Virtual Reality in our lives. The Xiaomi VR headset is a budget offering which has a full set of functionalities and it won’t disappoint!

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7. Xiaomi Smart 720P WiFi IP Camera

This smart wireless camera will help you get some much deserved sound sleep. Install this surveillance camera and get night-vision footage of up to 9 meters away. The rotatable design of the IP camera makes it capable of monitoring wider range in the horizontal and vertical direction.

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8. Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.1 Round Music Alarm Clock

This can be a potential gift during parties because it looks cool and the function is even better! It wakes you up to soothing music and even helps you sleep at night! The smart alarm clock speaker has a simple one-key use so it is super simple to use!

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9. Xiaomi Portable Mouse

This little mouse is your perfect travel companion. If you hate using your laptop’s trackpad and carrying a chunky wired mouse is even more annoying, then Xiaomi Portable Mouse is tailor-made for you. It requires 2 AAA batteries to run and compatibility won’t be an issue.

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10. Xiaomi Capsule Espresso Coffee Machine

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in the morning? The next offering by Xiaomi is for all you coffee lovers out there. Brew your favourite cup of coffee right at home with this easy-to-use espresso coffee machine and you’ll never have to stand in those annoying lines at coffee shops!

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Tell us what product you’re most excited about and share with us the products that you’ve bought!

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