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Top Tech And Accessories Under Rs 1000

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The iGyaan signature Top Tech series is back. For all your tech budget shopping needs, here are the top 10 tech accessories you can buy for under Rs. 1000!

1. 1More Piston Earphones

The 1iMore earphones are sturdy, look premium for a price of Rs 999 and have tangle-resistant cables. The sound is bass-heavy and the fit comfortably in the ears. If you are looking for a budget-friendly pair of earphones which offer a bass-heavy sound, the 1More earphones are worth a shot.

2. 3-In-1 Magnetic Cables

These cables are well-built and have a braided design. The cable comes with 3 magnetic connectors made out of aluminum, a micro USB port, a Type C port and lightning port. The magnetic connectors are inserted in your devices and can be left there to instantly connect the cable without any hassles. The cables cost Rs 999 and fit the bill if you have multiple devices to charge which use different ports for charging.

3. Spill Proof Mug

This mug costs Rs 790 and is the solution to you spilling your favourite drinks on your keyboards or other gadgets. The mighty mug has a suction cup at the bottom and can only be lifted vertically, so, whenever you accidentally hit the mug, it won’t topple and spill out the drink on to your desk.

4. Portable Laptop Cooler

This is a must-have gadget for all laptop owners. This USB powered laptop cooler attaches at the vent of your laptop and allows more air to circulate through your laptop. This results in cooler running temperatures and will come in extra handy if you are a power user. This laptop cooler is available on Amazon at a price of Rs. 999.

5. SanDisk Dual Drive

This dual drive from San Disk has a 32GB storage space and connects to smartphones with a micro USB port. It has a traditional USB port on the other side to transfer data from a desktop or laptop on to the OTG drive. The SanDisk Dual Drive is currently available on Amazon at a price of Rs 925.

6. Desktop Heater

This nifty desktop heater can be your companion at work when the mighty winter arrives. It is available in multiple colours and can be adjusted to give you heat at the right angle. It is priced at Rs. 900.

7. Mi Selfie Stick

Let’s admit it, we all buy the fancy phones nowadays in pursuit of that perfect club selfie with your friends. The pleasure of getting that group selfie with all your friends in it just makes the day a little better, doesn’t it? The Xiaomi Selfie Stick is the perfect companion when it comes to taking those tedious group selfies ensuring all your friends are in the frame!

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8. Powercube Surge Protector

This powercube extension has a 3-meter cable and 5 sockets. It also ships with an attachment which allows you to stick the power cube on your desk. Because of the design, you can use all the ports at once unlike a lot of multi-socket adaptors that max out at two or three ports.

9. 4-In-1 Card Reader

This card reader will come in handy if you use multiple devices for media consumption or file transfers. The card reader has a micro USB connector, a lightning port connector, and a USB Type C connector which makes it compatible with any smartphone. The card reader is not the fastest but, it is a nifty little accessory to have during emergencies.

10. Cable Sleeve

These cable sleeves can be cut into pieces and used for cable management across your office space or your desk at home for tidy look.


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