The Foldable Samsung Galaxy X Device Could See A Limited Release

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The Foldable Samsung Galaxy X Device Could See A Limited Release

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There is an increasing interest and intrigue in the soon-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy X. In early September, after IFA 2017 in Berlin, Dongjin Koh, President of mobile business at Samsung told some reporters at a news conference in South Korea that a foldable smartphone is in the works and the company is aiming for a 2018 release. Ever since that, there have been reports of the Galaxy X receiving certification from South Korea, Samsung’s native country.

A report from the South Korea Herald suggested that the production of the Galaxy X would be on 100,000 orders, making it an extremely limited edition device. If this happens, the Galaxy X would be the most difficult Galaxy phone to get your hands on. The foldable smartphone is being touted as the “next big innovation” in the smartphone industry, which has been stagnant for a while in terms of exciting innovations. Apart from tinkering with the display and shrinking the bezels, there hasn’t been much innovation to write home about. The Galaxy X could shake the tech industry out of complacency and usher in an era of foldable smartphones becoming more accessible than the Galaxy X.

The Samsung Galaxy X is expected to be unveiled during CES in early 2018. This makes sense because the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are expected to be unveiled in mid 2018 and a new phone like the Galaxy X would require some breathing space to really have an impact on the smartphone market. Even though it will soon be known as “that phone which folds” and will have its own fair share fans, the market still needs time to register a phone, no matter how unique or path-breaking the device is. Just because the phone is close to its grand unveiling doesn’t mean that there aren’t hurdles to cross during the making of a foldable smartphone, Mr. Dongjin Koh has said:

When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product. We are digging thoroughly into several issues we must overcome, as we don’t want to just make a few, sell a few and be done. We want to hear that Samsung made a very good product. We have a plan to adopt a foldable display in our roadmap.

A number of patents as well as Samsung’s own concept video from CES 2013 tell us what to expect from the Galaxy X. Samsung is most likely to start small, with a smartphone that folds halfway like a wallet. Another design, in line with Samsung’s prototype unveiling, could see the phone unfold into a full-size tablet.

Limited edition or not, the Samsung Galaxy X is anticipated to be a real head turner come its launch.

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