This New Moto Mod Will Turn Your Phone Into A Polaroid Camera

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This New Moto Mod Will Turn Your Phone Into A Polaroid Camera

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Motorola’s Moto Z series has been an ideal implementation of modular phones. Polaroid and Motorola have teamed up on a new Moto Mod for the company’s Z series of phones. The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer is an instant camera accessory that turns the Moto Z into a tiny photo printer.

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Just like any other mod, it clips on to the back of your phone and connects to the Moto Z’s camera to turn the phone into a tiny Polaroid camera. The mod even has a dedicated shutter button to make clicking photos relatively easier. You can also use the mod to print out photos you’ve already taken, and other pictures you have stored on your phone. You can even add text to photos before printing them.

Priced at US $199, this mod doesn’t come cheap for sure. There are cheaper polaroid cameras and even Polaroid’s own OneStep 2 camera will cost less than this accessory for your Moto Z phone. However, the accessory dos give you the luxury of editing and customising photos before your print them.

If you own a Moto Z phone, then buying an accessory over a new camera would make sense as it is one less thing to carry instead of a whole polaroid camera.

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