Huawei Claims Its Facial Recognition Technology Is Ten Times Better Than Apple’s Face ID

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Huawei Claims Its Facial Recognition Technology Is Ten Times Better Than Apple’s Face ID

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Apple may note be the first one to implement a certain technology in its products but, it does set a trend whenever it does innovate. Facial recognition and its renditions have been prevalent in the smartphone industry long before Apple launched the iPhone X and introduced its Face ID feature.

Apple iPhone X has definitely set the standards in terms of design and the technology that is stuffed inside the body of the iPhone X. Following the reports that OPPO will launch an iPhone X clone, Huawei has announced that it is working on facial recognition technology which is “ten times better” than Apple’s Face ID.

Huawei Facial Recognition Technology

Huawei’s facial recognition technology uses a combination of infrared and a projector to create a 3D map of the user’s face. Why Huawei has claimed that its technology is ten times better than Apple’s is because its 3D sensor captures 300,000 data points which is ten times more than what iPhone X’s FaceID captures.

iPhone X Face ID

Huawei claims that its facial recognition technology is not only secure enough for payments but, is also extremely fast. Huawei claims that once perfected, it will take just 400 milliseconds to unlock the phone. Huawei has not announced which phone will be the first one to take advantage of this technology and there is also no definite timeline for the technology.

Apple’s Face ID technology has another very famous implementation, Animojis. And Huawei took the time to boast about its rendition of 3D animojis as well. Huawei claims that its animojis are more advanced than Apple’s Animojis because apart from mimicking facial expressions, it can even track the movement of your tongue.

Which smartphone from Huawei will get its rendition of Face ID is yet to be seen and whether Huawei will also drop the fingerprint sensor just like Apple did.

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