Skypump – The Green Charging Station

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Skypump – The Green Charging Station

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The Sanya Skypump is a wind powered charging station for electric vehicles and it has been developed by Urban Green Energy in collaboration with General Electric. While still in the conceptual stages, the Skypump combines a GE Wattstation with a urban green wind turbine which can capture up to 4KW of wind energy.

The turbine is 13m high and can easily be installed in parking lots, rest stops and other areas. As it is attached to the grid, once the station is fully charged and a vehicle is not plugged in, the Skypump will keep pumping electricity back into the grid. The company is also producing a version of the charging station for domestic use. The domestic version will be using a wall mounted GE Wattstation which can charge an electric car in four to eight hours. There is no news on whether the Skypump will offer similar efficiency.


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