Conflicting Xiaomi Mi 7 Reports Hint Towards One Important Aspect

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Conflicting Xiaomi Mi 7 Reports Hint Towards One Important Aspect

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Xiaomi will soon launch its new flagship phone in 2018 and multiple reports are claiming that the new flagship will have a radical new design. Whether these renders will be a reality in the coming months is yet to be seen.

A report claims that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will drop the famed fingerprint sensor and replace it with Face ID-like facial recognition technology. Unlike a few other Android phones that have launched since the inception of the iPhone X, the Mi 7, apparently, will not have a backup fingerprint sensor for payments and accounts security. This means that the phone will have very thin bezels and a small notch at the top which will house the front-facing camera and the other sensors necessary for a Face ID-like biometric system.

A conflicting report has claimed that the Chinese smartphone maker will embrace the next phase of fingerprint technology, wherein the sensor will be placed underneath the display. The report claims that the phone will have extremely minimal bezels, much thinner than what we have seen on any device so far. This report conflicts from the previous one but, hints at the same bezel-less design.

Xiaomi shook the smartphone industry in 2016 with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Mix with minimal bezels around the display. Since then every smartphone maker has followed suit and thin bezels have now become a norm. It will be interesting to see if Xiaomi takes the bold decision and drops fingerprint sensor in favour of facial recognition, something that has picked up speed since Apple adopted it for the iPhone X.

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