RED Hydrogen One To Run On The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835X

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RED Hydrogen One To Run On The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835X

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RED is the industry standard when it comes to video making gear. Mid 2017, the company announced that it will enter the world of smartphones with the RED Hydrogen One. More details for the smartphone have appeared now on Red User forums.

The Hydrogen One from Red will be the first smartphone ever to have a holographic display. Priced at US$ 1195 for the Aluminium variant and US$ 1595 for the Titanium version of the Red Hydrogen One, The aluminium variant has a price which is similar to the 256GB variant of the iPhone X. The Hydrogen One titanium variant will become one of the most expensive smartphones in the market.

RED Hydrogen One

Image Via MKBHD

Jim Jannard, RED’s CEO and founder, gave a timely update in a post on the company’s forum. Though very unclear, the post does shed a bit more light on what to expect from the Hydrogen One. Announcing that RED has managed to get mobile carriers in the US on board for the phone’s launch. Jim was still not open about the shipping date, but, said that RED will release preordered phones before carrier phones.

Specifications for the Red Hydrogen One Confirmed

There were a few details on the phone that were doing the rounds, and Jim Jannard has confirmed a few. Jim writes that the Hydrogen One is powered by the Snapdragon 835X chipset, which is interesting because such a chipset doesn’t exist. Jannard wanted to write Snapdragon 835, it seems. It will also have a dual SIM slot and include a massive 4500mAh battery. Could Qualcomm be developing a special chipset for the Red Hydrogen One?

The RED Hydrogen One will also be a modular phone meaning you can attach add-ons for extra functionality. Jannard teased a pair of modular accessories that will attach to the Hydrogen One, including a battery pack and a “cinema grade camera module.” He has also claimed that additional modules for improved 3D and 4V filming are in the pipeline. RED is also working on a “Hydrogen Network” that will collect 4V video from “major studios and other content providers.”

RED Hydrogen One

Image Via MKBHD

RED had already announced that the Hydrogen One will have a 5.7-inch display with a 2560 x 1440 px resolution. It will charge via a USB-C port, support microSD card expansion, a headphone jack, and have dual front and rear cameras. The phone’s highlight will be its cameras and display. The screen will display “holographic 4-view content,” which are basically 3D images that change with your perspective without requiring any other special hardware or eye glasses. The Red Hydrogen One’s cameras will be able to record video in 2D, traditional 3D, or RED’s new “4V” format, which will presumably only work on the Hydrogen One in the beginning.

A CEO of a company is as reliable a source as you’ll ever get. These little nuggets of information only increase the anticipation of the Hydrogen One, which is expected to be Q2 2018.

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