Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Running On Snapdragon 845 To Be Launched In February

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Running On Snapdragon 845 To Be Launched In February

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Xiaomi is going to be a part of the upcoming MWC 2018. While many expect the company to launch the Xiaomi Mi 7 at the event, there are rumours that another phone could be launched before MWC. The Xiaomi Mi 2s, a refresh of the Mi Mix 2 could be launched as early as February right before MWC commences.

Mi Mix 2s

This leak comes a tipster on Weibo. On the Chinese social media website, he claims that the Mi Mix 2s could be launched before the Mi 7. While we would have liked more information about the upcoming phone, he stops at the possible date. He does ask readers to guess which of the upcoming phones would be Xiaomi’s first Snapdragon 845-powered device.

No prizes for guessing this but, the Xiaomi Mi 7 is more likely to feature the Snapdragon 845 chipset. The Mi Mix 2s, if real, is a refresh over the Mi Mix 2 while the Mi 7 is the next flagship device that will succeed the Mi 6. Xiaomi would rather use the Snapdragon 845 for the Mi Mix 3 that will launch later in the year.

Mi Mix 2s

Mi Mix 2s Early Renders

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s rumours so far:

So far, there has barely been any chatter about a possible Mi Mix 2 refresh. The Mi Mix 2 was launched back in September and Xiaomi doesn’t really launch new variants of flagship devices like OnePlus does. So, a possible Mi Mix 2s launch seems improbable. However, that hasn’t stopped people to post renders of the phone.

An earlier render of the Mi Mix 2s showing a notch on the display looked a photoshopped iPhone X photo. Recently though, a new render has emerged which reveals a design worthy of a new variant.

Mi Mix 2s

Mi Mix 2s Render

The image shows evenly trimmed bezels all around the display. The Mi Mix 2 had a small chin which housed the front-facing camera. The front facing camera here is placed in the top right corner. It is fitted awkwardly which results in a weird notch on the top right corner. Although this looks like a design prototype that would’ve been buried in the back burner, the design does look like new and different.

There is a high chance that Xiaomi will never launch the Mi Mix 2s. However, it will be an interesting strategy especially if this render turns out to be the actual design of the phone.

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