Facebook Testing A ‘Downvote’ Button

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Facebook Testing A ‘Downvote’ Button

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Ever since Facebook gained the kind of popularity it possesses right now, the call for a ‘dislike’ button was the loudest. Initially, Facebook said that it would steer clear of a ‘dislike’ button as it could add negativity. However, the company went ahead and added various reactions. One of them is an “angry” reaction which could be substituted as ‘dislike’ button.

The social networking site is now testing a downvote button that would work similarly to how downvotes are on Reddit and other sites. So far, only a few users in the United States can use this feature. And right now it is in a testing phase for now. However, the downvote button works differently than the dislike button.


While a dislike button is used to express displeasure or anger towards a post or comment, the downvote button will be different. The downvote button won’t be available for every post, it is designed for comments on posts from public pages. The downvote button would help hide offensive, abusive, or inappropriate comments. Using the downvote button won’t affect the entire post.

On a lot of websites, a number of downvotes make that particular comment hidden or deleted. Something similar will be implemented on Facebook.

A Facebook spokesperson has stated that the social network is simply testing this downvote feature so that users can provide feedback about comments on various posts from public pages.

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