Android P Might Have iPhone X Like Gesture-Based Navigation

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Android P Might Have iPhone X Like Gesture-Based Navigation

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Google recently released the first developer preview of Android P. Since this is the first preview, the official version will be very different and new features will be added and discarded.

Reported by 9to5Google, it is possible that Android P will have native gesture-based navigation, similar to the iPhone X. While it might seem a bit far-fetched, it is possible. Google has already conceded that the “notch” is here to stay. The developer preview has support for a notch. Sources have said that an internal build of Android P running the April or May security patch has an iPhone X-like user interface.

OnePlus 5T Gestures

If this turns out to be true, there will be a lot of debate around the “inspiration” for this decision. However, Xiaomi and OnePlus have already started moving on to gestures. However, OnePlus is still testing the feature in a Beta build. Xiaomi, on the other hand, introduced the feature with Android 8 Oreo for the Mi MIX 2. This means that the Mi MIX 2S will also have this feature out of the box.

Over the years, stock Android OS, for all its stability and beauty, has lacked features that were readily available in custom skins. With a few smartphone makers adopting gestures, this could be a sign for Google. It is high time Google goes a step ahead and introduces a popular feature natively.

With smartphones moving closer to a bezel-less design, it doesn’t make sense to lose out on a little screen real estate because of the navigation buttons. Also, Android’s navigation system needs a little refresh after being so stagnant since its inception.

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