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Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

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Looking for affordable accessories to buy and not sure about what to buy? Here are the top 10 gadgets, priced at Rs 1,000 or less. Do note that the prices of a lot of these products fluctuate a lot.

Zakk Sport

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If you are looking for fashionable Bluetooth earphones, then look no further. The earphones can last up to 6 to 8 hours depending on the user’s usage pattern. Similarly, these earphones have a built-in microphone, which can be used to receive voice calls. These earphones are priced at Rs 999. These earphones are one of the most affordable wireless earphones with sweat proof and water resistant. So, these can be used in a gym or while jogging without worrying about them.


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As the name suggests, this is an alarm which is priced at Rs 850 plus shipping. Unlike an ordinary alarm, this has an impressive 130db SOS personal alarm. Additionally, it can be used as a personal SOS tool as well. Just attach this to your bag, if someone tries to get this out, then the alarm activates itself. If you looking for a safety gadget, then this is a must-have tool. However, we are unsure about the battery life.

Tizum Lap Desk

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This product is usually priced at Rs 1,300 and above. However, the price has been reduced to Rs 999 especially for iGyaan. This accessory currently retails for Rs 999 and this is a must-have product for those, who use their laptop on their lap. One can use this accessory to hold laptops up to 15.6 inch notebook. This also has a cushion on the back, which offer a comfortable user experience.

TAGG Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

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This is a car charger, which offers two USB ports. The orange colour port supports Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 and the secondary USB port supports 5Volts 2.4Amps output. The charger currently retails for Rs 899 and it has a high-quality hardware, which will protect your smartphone/gadget from high current. Both ports can be used to charge two devices simultaneously.

Flujo USB 3.0 Hub

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This is a compact USB hub, which converts a single USB to 4 USB 3.0 ports. The device is priced at Rs 850 and available on Amazon. This can be used with a laptop or a desktop. As this is a USB 3.0 capable device, this does not require a separate power source. However, attaching more than one device at a time will reduce the data transfer speed.

Signal Detector

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Rember James Bond movie? We have an accessory, which can make you feel like one. The Signal Detector is priced at Rs 799 and packs in a bunch of useful features. This is a wireless signal detector and an anti wire-tapping tool with a camera finder. Based on the strength of the signal the LEDs will glow. The infrared camera finder will illuminate a lens of a camera using infrared light.

Tukzer Charging Station

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If you have multiple electronics but a shortage of power sockets, then the Tukzer Charging Station will come to your rescue. The device is priced at Rs 999 especially for iGyaan. The device can charge 4 gadgets at a time with a total output of 30watt. The accessory will be available in green and black colour.

Mi Power bank 2i 10,000 mAh

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This device needs no introduction. The Xiaomi Mi Power bank with 10,000 mAh capacity is priced at Rs 800. It can charge using micro USB port and has two full-sized USB-A ports. This has Li-pol batteries, which are manufactured and designed in India. It has a metal unibody design, which gives a premium look. Additionally, it has protection overheating and overcharging.

F&D SoundBar

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If you are looking for a wired speaker system under thousand rupees, then F&D soundbar should be your choice. The device is priced at Rs 899 and connects to a television set or laptop or even a smartphone using 3.5 mm headphone jack. However, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is internally attached, which might get damaged in a long run.

Fidget Spinner Phone

Top tech

If you are looking for a gadget and a mobile, then Whitecherry BL5000 Keypad Phone is a right gadget for you. This has a dual SIM card slot (limited to 2G) with a dedicated micro SD card slot. There is a rear-facing speaker, which gets really loud for its size.

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