Samsung Could Soon Introduce Over The Air Wireless Charging

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Samsung Could Soon Introduce Over The Air Wireless Charging

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Samsung is known to introduce new features on its Galaxy Note lineup. The company introduced Iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7 and the Note 8 was the first Samsung smartphone to have dual primary camera setup. Similarly, the company might incorporate Over the Air (OTA) wireless charging on the Galaxy Note 9.

Over The Air Wireless Charging

The company had registered a patent in 2016, which explains this technology. The OTA wireless charging works differently from the present generation wireless charging. In the conventional form of wireless charging, the charging pad surface has to touch the back of the smartphone to transfer charge. However, the devices with OTA wireless charging support starts to charge, as soon as one enters into the perimeter. This means the device can charge being inside your trouser pocket.

OTA wireless charging

The device with this technology will use an algorithm that focuses energy on a device, inside the OTA charging enabled room. The technology will be capable of charging the device, even if the object is moving. Additionally, this technology uses reflectors to send the power signal, which can bypass certain barriers.

This will be a breakthrough technology, which can change the way that we use and charge our smartphones. The transition from a wired-charging to OTA-wireless charging will be similar to the transition from landline to wireless phones. However, the technology is still in its nascent stage and might take at 3-4 years to come to fruition.

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