T-Mobiles Launches Sidekicks Smart Shoes With Built-In Display

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T-Mobiles Launches Sidekicks Smart Shoes With Built-In Display

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The T-Mobile Sidekick was an iconic mobile phone and an important step in the evolution of Android OS. The phone never launched in India but, it had a futuristic 180º swiveling display and was endorsed by many celebrities. However, more importantly, the software of the phone was what evolved into becoming Android OS. Now, the company is rebooting its iconic phone as something even cooler for the present day. T-Mobile has announced the Sidekicks smartphone, a Smartshoephone.

T-Mobile Sidekick

Today, T-Mobile introduces the world’s first Smartshoephone™: T-Mobile Sidekicks. As fun as they are functional, T-Mobile Sidekicks Smart-shoes are fully tricked out for speed on the fastest LTE network ever and optimized for unlimited data with T-Mobile ONE, of course.

Sidekick Specs

The Sidekick device is no less than any of the smartphones available in the market. The shoes have a touch-enabled display, built on to the sole of the shoes, which ability handle heaviest steps. When the user receives a voice call, the front side of the shoes will display caller ID with flashy lights. Additionally, the sole has the one of the biggest earpiece ever, which offers impeccable sound quality.

The device has all sorts of wireless connectivity, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS to stay connected 24/7. However, it still requires an active T-Mobile SIM card, which offers unlimited calling and LTE data. Ever disappointed for the fact that, smartphones have started to lay off 3.5 mm headphone jack. If you have a Sidekick smart-shoes, then they come built-in with retractable smart lace, which doubles as hi-fi buds and charging connector pin.

Unlike most of the smartphones, these shoes are waterproof. The company has patented a new technology to withstand snow, puddles and mysterious liquids. As these are shoes, they also have a fitness tracker, which can accurately map your steps. Any smartphone is incomplete without AI, so, the T-Mobile Sidekick can recognise your voice using the command ‘hey sidekick’. If you are looking for a ‘revolutionary smart-shoes/phone then T-Mobile Sidekick is the one to choose.

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