Top Tech and Gadgets List Under Rs. 500

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Top Tech and Gadgets List Under Rs. 500

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The top tech and gadgets is a list of cool gadgets which won’t hurt your pocket. Apart from being useful, all the items in the list are below the Rs. 500 mark. We will provide you with a link to buy the items on the list.


1. Bluetooth Receiver
Top Tech and Gadgets

Bluetooth Receiver

Starting the top tech and gadgets list strong, is the Bluetooth Receiver, it  allows you to enjoy wireless music anytime and anywhere. With a slightly primitive Bluetooth 4.1 connection, you may face a little trouble if the connected device is far away from the receiver. However, at the cost of Rs. 299, it is worth checking out. The Built-in rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 4 hours of backup and takes about 50 minutes to fully charge. The Bluetooth receiver supports both Android and iOS device. 

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2. Solar LED
Top Tech and Gadgets

Solar LED

Second on the top tech and gadgets list is the Agni Solar Mini Light. At a price of Rs. 419, this solar LED lamp provides you with 4 hours of backup when used at the high-intensity setting and up to 8 hours when at the low-intensity setting. The light source is a 0.5W LED and the product comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Cable Desk Clips
Top Tech and Gadgets

Cable Clips

The Baseus TPU Cable Clip is a fairly cheap cable organizer for Rs. 499. The clip allows you to manage your data lines and charger cables. The rounded shape of the clip allows you to fit the product in almost any tight space. The manufacturer claims that the clip is made with high-quality materials ensuring that the clip sticks to the surface. The clip has a total of three pieces which can either be used together or separately.

4. Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
Top Tech and Gadgets

Lazy Wand

The Gadget Hero’s Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool or the Lazy Wand is a cheap tool for Rs. 499. The tool allows you to pick up metallic items which would otherwise be hard to see or pick up. The telescopic stainless steel extends up to 7.7 inches in length. The tool has a comfortable double-decker grip to keep it from slipping away. The added LED light makes it useful for use in poorly lit areas.

5. USB Volt Meter
Top Tech and Gadgets


The USB Charger Doctor is priced at Rs. 470 and will allow you to measure the battery health of any of your devices. The reading on the device is measured in mAh unit. The voltmeter will especially be useful for those who want to know if their device is heating up while charging. The tool will also allow you to see if your device is charging properly.

6. Lazy Neck Holder
Top Tech and Gadgets

Neck Holder

At a price of Rs. 329 the Hanumex Neck phone holder is a device for both the laid-back and physically active people. The tool allows you to view your phone without having to use your hands. The band has a retractable mount and the entire necklace is about 24 inches long.

7. Solar DIY Kit
Top Tech and Gadgets


At a price of Rs. 249 the solar DIY kit comes very handy in encouraging your children to engage in creative activities. The kit provides 6 different systems like a boat, windmill, car, plane and chopper propeller. This means you can put the kit to use not only for your kids to play with but also for your own DIY projects. The best part is, it does not require batteries or screwdrivers.

8. Multi-Hand Tool
Top Tech and Gadgets

Multi-Hand Tool

The Generic Multi-Hand has multiple tools mounted on a Swiss Knife-like holder. You can find anything from a hammer, an ax, to a bottle opener on this portable Hand tool. For the price of Rs. 395, this is a must-have accessory on our list of top tech and gadgets.

9. Motorised knife and Scissor Sharpener
Top Tech and Gadgets

Motorised Sharpener

This awesome gadget will surely be an important addition to any household. The Motorized Knife Sharpener increases the shelf life of your cutting knives and scissors. Running on double-A batteries, this gadget on our list can help you sharpen all your cutting tools.

10. Paracord Survival Bracelet
Top Tech and Gadgets

Paracord Bracelet

Paracord is one of the most durable rope materials. The Paracord survival bracelet is a multi-functional gadget for those who like the wilderness and adventure. The bracelet is equipped with a scraper and a flint to start your own fire. In case of an emergency situation, the bracelet also has a whistle which can be used to call for help or alert other people.  The Paracord Survival Bracelet is available at Amazon for approximately Rs. 231.

For a fairly cheap price, these gadgets can help you with your daily chores. Make sure to keep following this iGyaan thread for more top tech and gadgets.

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