OnePlus Dash Charge Likely To Be Rebranded “Warp Charge”

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OnePlus Dash Charge Likely To Be Rebranded “Warp Charge”

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OnePlus introduced Dash Charge with their smartphone line back in 2016. However, OnePlus is now planning to start from the scratch and rebrand “Dash Charge”. The new name for OnePlus’ fast charging feature could be “Warp Charge”.

OnePlus decided to rebrand the name after it faced a trademark rejection in the EU. There were two main reasons why OnePlus could not own the Dash Charge trademark in the EU. The OnePlus Dash Charge clashed with the name of Bragi’s wireless earphones, “The Dash Pro”. The name also clashed with Amazon’s “Dash Replenishment”.

The trademark for Warp Charge was filed at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The filing comes under the Nice Class 9, which covers:

  • Data cables
  • power adapters
  • cell phone battery chargers
  • electrical adapters
  • electric batteries
  • chargers for electric batteries
  • wireless chargers

And since the OnePlus Dash Charge is a name for the company’s charging feature, the trademark falls under the Nice Class 9.

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OnePlus has made a logo for the new “Warp Charge” brand name. The look has the words “Warp Charge” in black colour seemingly warping and getting distorted due to high speeds.

OnePlus Dash Charge

OnePlus Dash Charge Rebranded to Warp Charge

OnePlus already started doing away with the Dash Charge brand by renaming “Dash Charge” to “rapidly charging” when you plug in a OnePlus 6. So it’s evident that there will be a rebranding at some point in time. However, There is no word from the EUIPO on whether the organization will accept the trademark. We will keep an eye out for further updates to see what would be the new name for Dash Charge so stay tuned to iGyaan.




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