Tesla iPhone X Has A Solar Battery And Costs US$ 4590

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Tesla iPhone X Has A Solar Battery And Costs US$ 4590

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The Apple iPhone X was launched in September 2017 with a price tag of US$ 999 (excluding taxes). While the iPhone X is the priciest iPhone ever made by Apple, it is barely the priciest smartphone in the world. Special edition Porsche smartphones from Huawei are extremely pricey and so are custom made devices. One such custom-made iPhone X is the Tesla iPhone X which costs a mind-boggling US$ 4590 (Rs 3,13,000 approx.). For context, the iPhone X 256GB is priced at Rs 1,02,000 in India.

The Tesla iPhone X is no ordinary iPhone by any means. Russian phone accessory maker Caviar is known for making over the top, highly expensive phone cases. The Tesla iPhone X, however, is not a phone case. It’s a phone case pre-attached to an iPhone X. The Tesla moniker is dedicated to Elon Musk for its contribution to the industry of sustainable energy.

The development in the sphere of creating solar batteries, smart homes, equipped with such batteries and vehicles working on the electricity, is actively carried out by Elon Musk today – the main mastermind of the Tesla Company; in honour of his great innovative developments, the new Caviar phone was named.

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Other than Elon Musk, there is a reason why Caviar decided to name it Tesla and not some other brand. The Tesla iPhone X has a solar battery that transforms the light energy and replenishes the phone battery power with its help. According to the Caviar website, “This phone gets power literally from the air! This is the purest energy, for getting which no expenses are needed.”

The Tesla iPhone X will be available in a black colour variant with a shock resistant case. The overall black colour has gold accents on the smartphone which give it a different look than many other smartphones. According to Business Insider, the first Tesla iPhone X will be be sent to Elon Musk.

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