Turing Claims New Turing Hubble Phone Will Have 2 X Snapdragon 855

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Turing Claims New Turing Hubble Phone Will Have 2 X Snapdragon 855

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The guys over at Turing Space Industries (TSI) must have their offices next to some real interesting plantations. The company that once had big plans to launch futuristic phones, never seems to give up. TSI originally became popular for their Turing phone which was a crowd funded failure. A lot of people initially bought into the idea of an impressive phone, but the company failed to deliver. And hence, people cancelled their purchases leaving TSI with a massive failure.

A few years ago, the company claimed to be working on more revolutionary devices, A Turing Monolith Chaconne and a Turing Cadenza ,  both phones that would never see the light of day. And how would they claiming to be built on technology that doesn’t exist.

The Turing Hubble Phone takes this dream to an all new level. The company claims that the Turing Hubble Phone will launch in 2020 with a dual Snapdragon 855 chipset, a chipset not yet announced. The company also claims that the phone will have a Snapdragon X50 5G modem, yet another mythical hardware unicorn. TSI also claims the phone will be sold to those still dinking radiator water in 2020 for a mediocre price of $2,749 (starting).

Turing claims that the Hubble Phone will have three operating systems as well, because why wouldn’t it. The first will be Android P, apparently still the latest in 2020, and Turing Keplerian OS which will be in the top part of the phone ( aka the Top Deck ) the lower part or Main deck will get a combination of the two OSs in the top deck but also Sailfish 3 OS.

The company also claims that the phone will have a 5 x 12 MP CMOS sensor camera setup , 2 on the front of the “Top Deck”, 1 on the rear of the top deck and 2 on the rear of the bottom deck aka the main deck. Both decks will also have dual SIM card slots each, hence the phone will handle 4 SIM cards simultaneously. Sure to be a success in India, but that 1.8 Lakh price may dissuade buyers.

The Turing Hubble Phone will also have Emotional Machine Intelligence and Lip reading capabilities along with “Emotional detection”. The body of the Hubble phone, a name it probably gets for its telescope like design, will be made from Titanium Aluminide,a  lightweight metal alloy resistant to oxidation and heat. The phone will be IP68 dust/water proof (up to 1.5m for 30 mins).

The Hubble phone also has a total of 3 AMOLED capacitive touchscreen displays. A 5.44 inch along with a 5.41 inch on the top deck and a 11.81 inch one on the main deck which as you see will fold over all the electronics. The dual SD855 chipsets , each deck gets their own, with 8 x 2.96 GHz on the clock. the lower deck gets the SDX50 5G modem.

HubblePhone includes an Artificial Reality (AfR) messaging application which allows users to send 3D animated messages projected into the recipient’s immediate physical surroundings. Honestly it doesn’t get any more ridiculous at this point. At least the company is not claiming a ridiculous 64GB of RAM , and endless battery via a non available technology. Since they already claimed those with the Cadenza and the Chaconne. The Hubble phone will have a paltry 8 GB of RAM in each deck with 256GB for each deck too. The battery will be a seemingly doable 2800 mAh in the upper deck and 3300 mAh in the main deck.

TSI does claim that the camera on the Hubble phone will be impressive with a 15x optical zoom. And, the phone will have a game mode allowing you to play PUBG endlessly while you are on a space train to mars.

A prototype is also shown off, which appears to be the phone, or a dual glass slab model with a led ring light. The hinges are claimed to be made of liquid metal, Apparently TSI doesn’t know that this is a material that Apple exclusively plans to utilise thanks to the over 40 Patents granted to Apple for exclusive usage in several scenarios.



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