The Wind Cube – A Modular Green Power System

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The Wind Cube – A Modular Green Power System

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The Wind Cube is a modular green energy power system that has been designed by Chen Liao Hsun for urban household use. “The concept,”he says, “is to use three-dimensional wind fields to make up for the insufficiency of two-dimensional ones.” Each individual unit can produce around 100 W of electricity which translates into an estimated 21.6 KWh a month. For an average family of 4 members, a total of 15 Wind Cube units would be enough to take them off the grid.



This concept provides many advantages over traditional windmills. Each unit is designed to fit into adjacent units to form a hexagonal honey-comb structure which is very sturdy. Each unit is also designed with telescopic blades which can be pulled out when a gentle breeze is blowing and can be retracted during rough and stormy weather. In terms of installation, the units have been designed so that they plug into each other to automatically form a circuit and they have a three step installation process.



While the real life efficiency of these devices is yet to be tested, it just might turn out that the honey-comb structure would be strong enough to set these up as a fence. This would perhaps increase the efficiency of these devices by providing them with an advantage in terms of wind speeds as compared to units that are installed against a wall.


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