VR Motion Simulator Turns Your Living Room Into A Cockpit

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VR Motion Simulator Turns Your Living Room Into A Cockpit

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The new 3 Degree of Freedom Virtual Reality Motion Simulator seems to be a dream for gaming enthusiasts. The simulator looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The simulator is a hemispherical platform which houses various controls. It has an immersive 3-degree movement which brings the game to life with its movement and real life vibrations.

Virtual Reality Redefined:

The name of the device originates from its ability to move in three directions. Thus giving the user an ability to yaw, pitch and roll. For those not familiar with these terminologies, these are the basic three axis along which an aircraft moves. The cockpit style simulator is set on an array of omni wheels, therefore easing movement.

The simulator is mean to offer the experience of large motion simulator rigs in VR arcades, right in your home. The simulator’s has an ability to change direction quickly and thus offers agility. However, this is done very quietly. The extra verisimilitude, built-in tactile transducers add immersive surround vibration. All this gives you a very realistic experience of racing games or flight simulators.

According to the the creator, Mark Towner, it offers a proper Virtual Reality experience. VR is about the thrill and adventure of exploring another world and usually you only get half the experience, according to him. While other VR simulators offer great visuals and amazing sounds, the lack of proper movement can be a kill joy. Therefore, the extensive movement brought by this device ensures that you actually feel like you’re flying a plane or driving a car.

Thrill Of Adventure:

“Most motion simulators are ugly steel frames, noisy as hell, and insanely expensive “,Towner says. Another great feature is the modular design of the simulator which allows a user to switch the seat for special add-ons to fit the particular VR scenario.The Freedom Motion Virtual Reality Simulator targets a large section of gamers who enjoy racing and flying games but do not have the budget to buy a good simulator. You can find the device on the project’s kickstarter page, which is a crowdfunding website. 
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