10 Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix This Weekend

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10 Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix This Weekend

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The weekend is here and its a time to rejoice. While some of us may have bigger plans, most might just prefer to stay in and watch something good. So, whether its an immersive experience or just some light content you’re looking for, here’s a list of Top 10 shows on Netflix that are sure to make you go wow.

Altered Carbon:


The Sci-Fi show is a Netflix original which is based 300 years in the future. The society has been transformed by technology, and death is no longer permanent. One can be brought back to life with the possibility of interchangeable bodies. The protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs is the only surviving soldier of an elite warrior force. They were defeated in an uprising against the new world order. For centuries, his mind had been imprisoned when he was given a chance to come back to life. However, he has to undertake an impossible task to do so. Based in the future and in a society which is overrun by technology, Altered Carbon is a visual treat. The narrative is fresh and original and will leave you wanting for more.

Peaky Blinders:


This is a must watch for anyone who loves The Crown or Sherlock. The show is set in post World War I England and follows the activities of a criminal gang. The gang soon comes under the scanner of Chester Campbell, a detective sent by Winston Churchill himself to clear out crime.The Show stars Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy among others and won the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series this year.

Brooklyn nine nine:


Brooklyn Nine Nine is arguably one of the most popular comedy series out there right now. Having picked up a huge fan following over the past few years, it has now acquired a cult status. The show is based in a police precinct in New York, filled with weird and whacky officers of the law. The protagonist, Jake Peralta is played by Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg and he is supported by other notable comedians such as Terry Crews. The series can be described as nothing short of a laugh riot and deserves to be watched right away.

Sacred Games:


Sacred Games has redefined Indian television and set a really high benchmark for the same. The story revolves around a Mumbai cop, Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan) and Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and their bitter contest. Sartaj is taken off Gaitonde’s case, however he still continues to pursue Gaitonde for the sake of justice. What follows is a series of crimes and a thrilling story which is sure to grip you with its beautiful narrative. Sacred Games also gives us a sense of pride as we see the Indian television industry matching up to be world class.

Lost in Space:


Lost in space is another Sci-Fi show which makes it to the list. The Human Race is facing a catastrophe which threatens its survival. To combat this, various missions are sent into space to colonise the Alpha Centauri star system. The story revolves around the Robinson family. The Robinson family is one of many who live on board the Resolute, the mother ship which is carrying all the human beings. However, an alien robot forces them to evacuate and land on a nearby planet. They must now try a way to combat the harsh conditions of the planet, ensuring their survival.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:


Comedians in cars getting coffee is one of the most original ideas seen till date. The show has host and comedy star Jerry Seinfeld taking other famous comedians out for coffee, in amazing cars. Yes, each episode features a new comedian and a different car. The cars are usually vintage classics or supercars which are sure to make your jaw drop. We see the comedians involve in a candid conversation, giving us a closer look at our beloved stars. The show also maintains a balance between talking about the comedians and also giving us a detailed dose of the beautiful machines.



Vikings is a must watch show for history and action lovers. Based on Nordic stories, it is about a farmer who rises up to his call and emerges as one of the most fearless warriors.  The series revolves around the stories of Ragnar Lothbrock and how he eventually becomes a king. Vikings stars Travis Fimmel and is sure to leave you awestruck with its rawness and intensity.

Mind Hunter:


Mindhunter is a crime based drama, and it is sure worth a watch. The story revolves around two FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who try to understand serial killers in order to catch them. This has them go through many killers and cases, but along the way they develop what is the modern day serial killer profiling method. Along with intense acting, the series is backed by Oscar-nominated director David Fincher and Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron as the show’s executive producers. The show might just redefine crime for us as we know it.



Another Indian TV series to make this list, Ghoul is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is a fantasy horror drama, starring Radhika Apte. The story is set in a ‘totalitarian near-future India’ and involves a mysterious prisoner being brought in to a top secret army facility. The interrogating offers soon realise to their horror that the prisoner has the power to unleash a demon from Arabic folklore, which exposes their deepest secrets. Ghoul has redefined what horror means when it comes to India and has set a standard, apart from the terrible attempts at horror in the past.



Disecnhantment is an animated comedy series by Netflix. The story is based in medieval times and revolves around a princess. The twist however, is that the princess breaks every convention of being one. She continues to wreak havoc in her father’s kingdom along with her elf friends. The show is a dig at the same old structure of a fairy tale and offers a good deal of laughs as one goes along. While it may seem to be just another animated comedy on the surface, the creators have subtly sown satire into the story which takes a jab at our modern society too.

These TV shows are not ranked in any particular order and cannot be compared as they cover different spectrums. Whatever your pick, a good time is guaranteed!


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