Samsung Is Gearing Up To Launch Foldable Smartphone This Year

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Samsung Is Gearing Up To Launch Foldable Smartphone This Year

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Samsung CEO DJ Koh has dropped a hint about the plan to introduce a flexible and foldable phone at Samsung’s developer conference in November, this year. This is not the first time Samsung has come out with this idea. In fact, it was back in 2012 when the Chaebol first unveiled a prototype showcasing the bendable smartphone. Samsung has been testing the possibility since then. The 2012 prototype picture was followed by a concept video showing the potential foldable smartphone in 2013.

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone in 2017

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone will switch Between a 5 inch Phone and an 8 inch Tablet #video

Posted by on Friday, April 8, 2016

The video showcases a foldable smartphone which switches from a pocketable smartphone to a tablet. When the screen in folded, it shows a small display bar on one side and cameras on the other. According to the Wall Street Journal, the device may sport a 7-inch single display. Still, there are little to no chance of the phone being available to the users for at least another year.

Samsung is not the only company keen to stay forward in is this race. Lenovo is also working on a bendable-screen device of its own. Microsoft is another company that has been working on such devices for a while now. In fact, ZTE, a Chinese smartphone company, tried its hand at the foldable phone with the release of its ZTE Axon M. But due to the use of multiple screens the phone fell flat in the market. The use of two screens came across as a nuisance rather than something to look forward to. Samsung will have to really figure out a way to keep the user experience easy, else it may end up like the Galaxy Round, which they could never release outside of their home market.

zte axon m

ZTE Axon M




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