Samsung Teases Launch Of Possible 4 Camera Phone

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Samsung Teases Launch Of Possible 4 Camera Phone

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4x the fun, 4x the excitement
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Samsung just tweeted an invite for its special event and its got everyone buzzing. The event will be held on 11th October and will see the launch of a new Galaxy device. It is highly unlikely that Samsung will be announcing a new flagship at this time of the year. We can expect an A- series device .

What is interesting though, is the content of the tweet. Samsung has highlighted the words “4x the fun”, which could be the rumoured 4 camera device. This could also mean the launch of a device with a 4x optical zoom. What is clear though, is that the highlight of the device is going to be the camera.

Rumours of all kinds have been afloat about Samsung’s new camera setup. Reports of 4 rear cameras, 3 rear cameras and a single front camera  and also 2 rear and 2 front cameras have emerged. This basically covers all the permutations associated with 4 cameras. We can be expecting a 4 rear camera setup, though. With Huawei all set to announce their triple rear camera phone on 16th September, 4 cameras is not a long shot.

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The possibility of a 4x optical zoom support on the device is also another possibility. No other smartphone has this capability as of now and Samsung itself has 2x optical zoom even in its latest flagship devices. However, the possibility of a non-flagship device having such extensive and groundbreaking features is slim. Especially, considering the fact that the A series is a mid-range device. This also leads to the possibility that Samsung could announce a new series in the Galaxy segment, dedicating it to camera performance.

Alleged Nokia 9 with penta camera setup

The race to get ahead with camera setups has been the most crucial for manufacturers. With a dual camera setup becoming common even in low range phones, its time to step up the game. Rumours of HMD’s flagship Nokia 9 with a penta lens setup have been doing the rounds. Samsung’s Galaxy event will come just a few days after the Google’s special event, which will see the launch of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones.


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